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AQA A A2 Psychology Psya4 Depression Predictions June 2014

We move on to the AQA A A2 Psya4 Depression topic predictions and possible questions for this June 2014 unit 4 exam. However before we do that I just wanted to congratulate all my followers/readers on a good exam. Quite a few people came out feeling confident after Psya3 and they weren’t shy in letting me know! Shortly after the Psya3 exam from 2:45pm to 11pm my phone would not stop buzzing with tweets, emails and facebook messages.

I had all of you guys telling me how my predictions had proved right so there were some pretty happy students.  The ones that had the initiative to plan prior, analyse and use my booksappeared to be the most happiest after the exam as they had prepared well and covered all their bases. I’m keen to see how well you guys do on results day too so do let me know – I’m confident I will get a few of you on 100% for one or both of the exams, mark my words.


Lets hope my Psya4 predictions work out too hey?

Lets take a look at the Psya4 depression topic firstly to break down the possible questions.

For the Psya4 Depression predictions for June 2014 we follow the same pattern as my Psya4 Schizophrenia predictions. This question can only be asked based on the exact same pattern of questions above. Lets break this down and see which questions have come up for Depression over the years using my predictions table as usual:

This one looks a bit uncomfortable to call based on the pattern of questions that have been asked but theres still 3 clear frontrunners for this.

My AQA A Psya4 Depression Predictions For June 2014

  • Psychological therapies for depression – This hasn’t been asked since January 2011. My Frontrunner based on the stats but AQA dont always make it that obvious.
  • Biological therapies for depression – Last asked in June 2011 – Also just as likely as psychological therapies in my book.
  • Psychological explanations for depression – Last asked in January 2012 and also very possible. They asked biological explanations for depression twice within 3 exams so its still very possible to come up.

Something to watch out for in the Psya4 Depression Questions:

Its quite possible they ask questions as a plural meaning they will phrase the exam question in such a way that it asks for TWO explanations or TWO therapies – but this wont always be clear. If the question asks for “explanationS” <– Notice the S at the end!

What this means, anytime a question asks for “explanationS” is they want you to write about two (plural means more than 1). So be very careful about that and make sure you read the questions carefully. If the question asks for one or more you can choose.

So those are my AQA Psychology Psya4 Depression Predictions For June 2014 – What do you guys think?

Thats my depression questions sorted. The other topics will follow shortly before the exam so stay tuned by liking my facebook page here where they will be posted first:

You can also make your own predictions by checking out the past questions for Psya4 here.

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Depression Predictions For June 2016

My depression predictions for PSYA4 and the June 2016 exam were the second most requested after Addiction when I asked our facebook study group which predictions they wanted next so here they are. Depression, like Schizophrenia is a fairly straightforward topic and there is only a handful of essays you need to learn. I should probably also mention again (incase you’re unaware) that last year the PSYA4 exam paper was in a van which was stolen a week before the exams itself – this put AQA in a predicament and they had to frantically send out a replacement paper known as PSYA4R to as many schools as they could reach – however not everyone was able to be reached in time. So last year a portion of students sat the original stolen PSYA4 paper while others who could be reached sat the replacement paper known as PSYA4R – So this has kinda screwed things up for my predictions a little as we have no idea how the replacement paper affects the pattern of questions – does it narrow down my predictions further? or does the fact that not everyone sat it mean the questions which were asked can come up again as part of the normal depression questions for this year? – Who knows…well AQA does but were going to make some big assumptions here for these predictions.

Depression Overview PSYA4

This table is taken from the specification directly and breaks down exactly the selection of questions you can be asked for the 4 different topics for section A (psychopathology as its known). The type of questions between the 4 topics are all the same and the content you learn is split between mostly explanations for the disorder and treatments (be they biological or psychological explanations or treatments).

Get A* Depression Model Essays Here

Download A* model essays for Depression HERE!

My ebook for depression covers all the possible questions you can be asked with A* grade model essays. I personally found the PSYA4 exam paper an all round easy paper – the hardest is really PSYA3 due to the sheer amount of content you are expected to know. Depression is covered in immense detail in my ebook and shows you the standard your essays need to be to hit the top banding and A* grade. If you need that extra help, want to cram for the exam last minute or want templates with A* model essays then this ebook will prove really useful for you – you can download it by clicking the image above/on the right.

My Depression Predictions For June 2016

Heres my predictions table and thoughts on what may come up below:

To access the predictions, help support Loopa by hitting the LIKE button (while logged into Facebook) to unlock the table and predictions below – if it doesn’t work straight away just hit LIKE/UNLIKE and then LIKE again while waiting a second or two between presses- sometimes it takes a few tries. You may also need to try clear your cookies and try again if it still doesn’t work. 

I’ll be honest and say I can’t really say how the replacement paper is going to affect PSYA4 but I’m going to give it a shot and share with you my predictions on what I would expect if I went into this exam – here goes: UPDATED TABLE and order of priority for my predictions!
  • Issues surrounding the classification and diagnosis of depression – This hasn’t appeared in 3 exam windows (4 if you include the replacement paper) so I think a full essay on this is due. This is more apparent when you factor in that it’s only ever appeared as a full essay in January 2013 while other questions have made an appearance twice (except my frontrunner below). This is my second favourite to appear due to this reason and in my eyes very likely – it is also a tough question to answer and my ebook covers this with an A* grade essay. A lot of students struggled to answer these questions when it comes to reliability and validity and unless you’re writing about it in a particular way, you wont break into the top banding. It’s there if you need it.
  • Biological explanations of depression – It’s been two exam windows since this appeared and my gut is telling me this is the one to prep for after my frontrunner above.
  • Biological therapies for depression – Yes it appeared in the replacement paper worth 4+16 marks but my gut is telling me to prep for this (if its not my gut its that take-away I had last night). If you don’t factor in the replacement paper which not everyone sat, it’s been 6 exam windows since it appeared. I think this would be the curve ball if AQA decide to throw one so prep for this for sure. 

So those are my thoughts – what do you think? While you’re here why not be awesome and follow me on twitter or subscribe to me on Youtube and get more revision help with your psychology course. You can also join over 13k (thousand) students and teachers on the Loopa facebook page here:




Since 2012 I've helped literally thousands of students achieve some amazing grades for A level Psychology and get into their chosen universities - Even schools across the UK now use my resources. If you're studying Psychology why not Follow me on Twitter, LIKE my Facebook page or subscribe to my YouTube channel and get tons of free resources and updates and see just how well you can do too.


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