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Rapper Jay Park and Loco made appearances as guests on the November 27 episode of “Witch Hunt.” They talked about their ideal type of woman when Seo In Young asked them, and Jay Park said, “I think it is important that each side shows passion, instead of only one person being passionate.”

Sung Si Kyung said, “So, Jay Park is a passionate man, and instead of meeting a shy girl, he wants a very proactive and passionate girl so that they can have a match on who is more passionate,” but Jay Park did not agree with this view. Instead, he said, “I think love doesn’t last very long when only one person is passionate.”

Shin Dong Yup then asked, “So you prefer girls who are experienced in love?” and Jay Park agreed, “Yes, I prefer girls who are experienced to the ones who don’t know much.” Loco agreed with Jay Park, saying that he also prefers experienced girls.

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Jay Park has been one of the leading independent hip-hop artists in Korea for a number of years now, and with the superstar heading to Australia for the RapBeat show in July, let's get acquainted with the mega-talented rapper/dancer/choreographer/record label CEO!

7. He was the former leader of 2PM

It was only for a year, but Jay Park certainly left a mark in his time with the group.

6. His very first YouTube video went viral

His cover of "Nothin' on You" hit 2 million views in less than 24 hours. WOW!

5. He is a brilliant break dancer

Words can't describe Jay Park's awesome moves so we'll let these videos do all the talking!

4. He has countless tattoos all over his body

They all mean something to him and he has so many that we actually lost count!

3. His ideal type of girl are those who are laid back and has a nice sense of humour

Do you fit any of these qualities?

2. If he could be a superhero, he would be Iron Man

Then again, who doesn't like Tony Stark/Iron Man?

1. He is the CEO of 2 hip-hop record labels

He founded his first label AOMG ("Art of Movement") back in 2013, which has since established itself as a successful independent hip-hop agency. Most recently, Park has teamed up with long-time partner Cha Cha Malone to start up a new global hip-hop label called H1GHR MUSIC RECORDS.

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