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Needless to mention, discipline in life is very important for each one of us. It’s the tradition of training people to follow rules or a code of conduct. Without having a disciplined life, we cannot work towards our goals. This is the reason why its importance is taught right since our childhood. In fact, many schools and colleges ask students to prepare a short speech on discipline or a long speech on discipline in order to understand the essence of discipline or deliver speech at any occasion. We present here sample speech on discipline covering the comprehensive meaning of the topic. Organizations have the code of conduct policy, ideally to inculcate discipline in the employees. Our sample discipline speech is highly impactful which can be used at organizational levels too.

Speech on Discipline

Speech on Discipline – 1

Respected Professors and Dear Juniors!

It feels excellent to welcome our juniors in our esteemed ABC College. All our juniors look surprised at this speech ceremony and must be curiously awaiting your Fresher’s Party. But let me tell you that our English Department has organized this small ceremony to help you and us know each other well and declare the day of the fresher’s party as well.

As one of your seniors, I am here to hold an interactive session with you all and also to deliver a speech on discipline. There is reason behind choosing the topic called ‘Discipline’. You have successfully accomplished a benchmark by completing your higher secondary studies and now are geared up to live your college life to the fullest. It’s a very fancy world as I am sure; you all know this somehow – no restrictions, no dress code, etc. But behind this glossy picture – there is one lurking reality too. Do you know what is it? Well, these 3 years of your college life are going to dictate your future. Either in these 3 years you can make your future or break it.

So the bottom line is, enjoy your college life to the most as this time won’t come back, but also inculcate that essential ingredient in your life called Discipline, so that your studies are not affected.

Now, may I ask you what discipline is? Discipline can be defined as a set of rules and regulations, which one must abide. Discipline is extremely important in our lives as a social being to maintain a rhythm in the society that we live in by laying down certain code of conduct so that we can evolve ourselves as a good human being. Discipline is taught to us both at home and in our school. In school, we maintain a time table for covering our respective subjects and also for behaving in an appropriate manner.

It goes without saying that discipline is required in every walk of life and is the very foundation of a civilized society. It not only helps us in becoming a responsible human being, but also in achieving our goals. So if you are again going to practice discipline in life, you will not find yourself in a chaos. You would be able to manage your studies and enjoy at the same time.

While you are free bird now, the college still expects from its students to ensure to a high standard of discipline within the premise and inculcate a right attitude towards your studies. Please remember that discipline will help you in excelling your college studies as well like you all must have excelled during your school days. Wherever you go and whatever profession you choose, say teacher, doctor, lawyer, sports – discipline is required everywhere and in all walks of life.

This is observed as one of the most important quality in an individual. So discipline your college life too and streamline your study methodology so that amidst your parties and hang out plans, you still have the time to deliver your roles and responsibilities as a student. Isn’t it?

Now, let me reveal the day of fresher’s party, which you all must be getting impatient to hear – on Wednesday in the coming week.

Thank You!

Speech on Discipline – 2

Respected Principal, Respected Teachers and My Dear Friends!

First of all, I would like to welcome all of you to the annual day of our school. Every year we celebrate this day with a lot of enthusiasm and fervor. While at one side, students are excited to get promoted to the next class, there is also a regret of leaving the memories of the previous class.

It’s a great pleasure to be given this opportunity to host the programme and deliver the speech. The topic that I chose this year is ‘Discipline’.

Even though, we all are aware of the dictionary meaning of this term, but how many of us actually follow our inner instinct?

Discipline means ‘doing the things in the moral and ethical manner’. School is the second place after our home, where we learn discipline. Discipline is basically the suppression of base desires and is often understood to be similar to self – restraint and control. Disciplined person determines the best course of action irrespective of one’s wishes. Honest behavior is another form of discipline; it can be described as when one’s values and aims are aligned with each other.

School discipline has a very important role to play in an individual’s life. It is a necessary set of actions adopted by a teacher towards a student or group of students, if the ongoing educational activity has been disrupted due to the student’s behavior or if the student breaks any particular rule created by the school authority. Discipline basically guides the children’s behavior, sets limits and ultimately helps them learn to care for themselves and others.

Discipline can come in several forms. School systems make rules and regulations and if any student breaks these rules, they are subject to punishment; which ultimately is aimed to teach discipline to the student. The school rules may include defining the expected clothing standards, social conduct, timekeeping and work ethic.

While discipline is necessary to condition the students; teachers should be mindful not to beat students to the extent that they get badly hurt. It is also called corporal punishment. Several reports indicate that some teachers get violent in the name of discipline harming students physically and mentally. Thus, the focus of discipline is now shifting and substitute approaches are evolving due to all these incidents.

Many schools now-a-days focuses on ‘Positive Discipline’; it’s a discipline model that emphasizes on the positive aspects of behavior, found on the concept that there are no bad students, just bad and good behaviors. Accordingly, you can reinforce the good behaviors through counseling and examples without hurting the child. People promoting positive disciplines don’t ignore the problems rather tackle the problem peacefully.

Discipline is also required in our professional life and thus it is all the more important. Like a company cannot be successful without a proper strategy, we also can’t succeed without certain rules and discipline in our life. Inculcating good habits like waking up early, doing regular exercise, eating healthy food, not indulging into bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc would keep us healthy and fit.

Thus, it is important that we remain disciplined in every aspect of our life.

Thank you!

Speech on Discipline – 3

Good morning everybody!

My topic for today’s session is on explaining as to what ‘Discipline’ means and how important it is for all of us to adhere to it.

What do you all think that discipline means? Alright, till the time that you people collate your thoughts I would share my views on this.

Discipline is a very basic necessity for one’s progress. Being disciplined does not mean that you follow every rule that you are asked to. It means having self control and ability to adjust yourself as per the changing trends and instructions. Being disciplined will always give you the genuine pleasure of freedom. Ask yourselves, isn’t it that the student or the employee who is disciplined never ever kept at doubt. That person is always given the freedom for their actions, as everybody knows that they have complete control on themselves and are mature enough for decision implementation.

Discipline is extremely necessary in all spheres of our life. Just imagine, is it ever possible for an army to fight without strict discipline? Is there any educational institution to run without discipline? No, right! So, this proves that being disciplined is very crucial and important element of everybody’s life.

We all need to have a destined disciplinary routine in order to work well in our personal and professional life. We should monitor each and every small action of ours. From eating on time and in right quantity to sleep at right time for sufficient hours. Everything needs to be taken care of for living a healthy and wise life. One must practice self control in order to position themselves in terms of their health, wealth and overall society that they live in.

We inherit discipline in us by seeing others. Since our childhood it is our parents and grandparents seeing whom we build our daily routine and do day to day activities. I have observed this many a times that people following due discipline get a high end support from others during the times when needed. To have a progressive and stable life we must make sure that we follow a disciplined life. We should act as a motivation for all those who are around us. Seeing us stable, peaceful, happy and determined towards our actions due to our specific disciplined flow of life we will attract good people towards us. Our in built gestures towards dedication help us move forward towards our achievements as the disciplined person is way too planned in their actions and task executions.

There is no stage of life that offers you a healthy happy life if you are not disciplined. Practice discipline everyday and I assure you as per my personal experience that everything that you wish for will come your way. Things that seem difficult will be just so easy and convenient for each one of you when you mould your life in discipline.

Thank you for taking out your time and listening to this most important topic. Hope you implement it now itself in your life. Take care and good luck!

Thank You!


Speech on Discipline – 4

Good evening friends and my dear colleagues,

This is a special workshop organized by your company to improve our inherited value of discipline in it. Thank you all for taking out time and being a part of this session.

For many of you, this word discipline means something you practice and preach daily and for a few of you it might seem something that is ignored or not scrupulously followed as I know I am right on addressing this part. When we come to maturity, we have to learn self-discipline: how to govern and rule ourselves. This is the hardest task of all. Discipline is not only desirable but also indispensable. Discipline should be the first criterion of the family.

As per my experience, I address discipline as the act of executing well planned tasks in order to get the best results for ourselves. These results not necessarily mean monetary or tangible benefits, but also along with these it caters to the healthy living and progressive life. Self actualization about self control is discipline to me. This all depends on the values inherited in us since our childhood.

It is one of the very necessary tools for everyone in every stage or phase of life whether at home, office, playground or other places. Our daily lives would become unorganized and mismanaged if we do not follow and practice discipline in life.

Everything in this world is expected to follow certain discipline. Sun always rises in the morning and sets at evening every day. Isn’t it? It never happens to be vice versa. Morning and evening come daily without getting late, river always run, and many more.

Being disciplined automatically helps a person in being motivated. Following a dedicated routine of planned actions with self control helps in executions that are more progressive for us and make us walk the path that best routes us for our well being. There is no specific age bar for having discipline in our life, from students to teachers and from children to parents; everybody should follow discipline.

In the easiest way, I would address that discipline is one’s ability to adjust oneself to the given situation. Discipline is to making priorities. The one who is planned is the one whose life goes on track and faces less number of hurdles. Being disciplined helps in maintaining the flow of life and ensures the better progress for future. Freedom and success comes with responsibility and the one who has complete control on himself has the ability to manage the greatest success and freedom with utmost responsibility.

To happily and successfully lead and maintain an authentic lifestyle one has to have control on avoiding distractions. So, my dear friends learn to adjust yourself on the given situations in life. Discipline yourself and leave behind an inspiring legacy of success!

I hope that after this session of ours, you have been able to actually lighten up your thought on how important is it for each one of us to be disciplined and focused in our lives.

Thank you!

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Essay about Christmas for Students and Teachers

November 27, 2017

by Sujatha

It is that time of the year again. When we welcome joy and good cheer into our homes, when we sing carols, wear our best, cook up feasts, and celebrate with our near and dear ones. It is Christmas time again. I am sure you must have all started to shop for gifts, to pull out the lights and decorations that you had put away last year, and plan to hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. Back home your mothers will have started to soak the fruits that go into her special Christmas cake and you must be awaiting Santa Claus with his reindeer sleigh – perhaps even wonder what Christmas gifts he will leave under your tree this year. 25 December, the day when Jesus Christ was born, is one of the biggest celebrations around the world. Born to Joseph and Mary in a manger in the city of Bethlehem, Christ the Savior was visited by the three wise men of the east, the Magi, who came bearing precious gifts with them. What we must remember, though, is that Christmas is not merely a celebration which involves exchanging gifts and partaking in lavish feasts. It is the infinite love of God and the many wonderful lessons that Jesus taught us that we must reflect upon as we prepare for yet another glorious Christmas night. The lessons of love, kindness, and mercy that Christ had taught us remain just as relevant over 2000 years after his birth.

  • Humility – Christ, the king of all men and their hearts, lived in utter humility. He said that he was the child of God but so are all of us. He lived in utter humility with no pride whatsoever and was born in a manger among the shepherds. Humility is the greatest of lessons that Christmas teaches us.
  • Charity – Christmas is certainly the time to exchange gifts. What could be more precious than the bright smiles of our friends and family members as they unwrap the gifts we have bought for them? Festival of Christmas, however, teaches us that the gift of generosity must be extended beyond our inner circle to those less fortunate – it is only in sharing our privileges that we become truly rich.
  • Love – Love is a word we all understand. We love our friends, our families, our pets. The love that Christ taught us, though, was a much greater love encompassing all of mankind. Our greatest strength is this love – it is only through this love of humanity at large that we can become the best versions of ourselves.
  • Kindness – Kindness to one and all is what Jesus Christ lived by. The poor, the diseases, the underprivileged all came to him and he bestowed his affections and healing on all of them alike. This is perhaps the most beautiful of all the lessons that Christmas teaches us. From kindness comes mercy – one of the most important values to live by in this world.
  • Sacrifice – “And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us”. It is his deep all-pervading love for us that led Jesus Christ to sacrifice his own life and well-being for us. It is this lesson that we must remember each Christmas. Our families, country, convictions will all demand deep sacrifices from time-to-time and we must not shy away from making them.
  • Perseverance – Despite the constant persecution that he faced from a very young age, Jesus Christ stuck firmly to his path of kindness and love and persisted in teaching his disciples the lessons that he believed in. In a changing world which is becoming more difficult each passing day, Christmas brings with it a great lesson of perseverance.
  • Faith – The greatest lesson that Christmas teaches us is that of keeping the faith. Our lives are fraught with challenges and difficult times. Just as the followers of Jesus kept their faith in him and in his resurrection, it often becomes important for us to believe in good times and our own abilities.

Christmas festival is right round the corner. While we plan to indulge in the bright lights and cheerful festivities of the season, let us not forget these valuable lessons that Christmas brings with it and strive to become better human beings.

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